Scott Dinsmore – I will keep his legend alive by living my life fully

I lost a dear person whom I loved but never had the chance to meet: Scott Dinsmore.

Scott was the founder of Live Your Legend blog and LYL online communities. He also gave an amazing speech at Ted called “How to find and do work you love”. He was believing that we could change the world by doing the work we love and the work he loved was guiding people towards finding the work they loved.

I guess I heard Scott first at The Art of Charm podcast. Then I got curious and read his blog and was convinced to get the Live Off Your Passion online training. I was so motivated by him that I opened a folder called “I am a legend” in my inbox and kept all the inspiring e-mails in that folder. I promised myself to do the work I loved.

Scott was so neat, so perfect. My mind wanted to automatically stereotype him as fake and snob but I could not because he was so natural. He looked like he was excited when he speaks, like me. That made him more sympathetic and real. He was shining. He was writing so well, I was reading everything he wrote with admiration. I was amazed at how good he could put all these ideas in writing as if he was speaking one to one. He put a lot effort and created a lot of material that he gave away in the service of people who were tyring to find the thing they loved and wanted to earn money out of that.

This year he went on a yearlong journey around the world with his wife. They rented out their apartment, sold everything, took their backpacks and left. That was a dream for me and they were actually living it. Scott was sending an e-mail every week from wherever they were. They were staying with local people and even though they did not speak a mutual language, they were building friendships with their hosts.

In his last e-mail, Scott told how “too connected” he was even if he was on this journey and that he decided to take a break for the first time. He was hoping that we would not forget about him or get upset. I guess he was scared to lose the community he built. During this break he was going to hike on Kilimanjaro Mountain. This was his challenge of the year. Each year he was taking physical challenges to break the boundaries in his mind. One year he ran an ultramarathon, another year he swam from Alcatraz although he was scared of deep waters. And this year it was the mountain.

A weekend passed since I had read his 2 week break e-mail. I woke up on Monday morning. I decided not to check my phone in the mornings but I gave in to my curiosity and checked Facebook. There I saw a video post in “Live Your Legend” Group titled “news about Scott”. In the video Nazrin, a good friend and business partner of Scott was telling that we lost Scott due to an accident on the mountain. I couldn’t believe. The person that was motivating me to live fully, the one that I read each week and take as example was gone, during the journey of his life. It looked like a scenario created by a public relations agency. The road to eternity was gorgeously prepared. He even wrote us a goodbye mail. He walked happily to his new adventure.

I was very sad, I cried a lot. There were so many more things to do. There were a lot of lessons, a lot of inspirations to take from him. Maybe I was going to meet him in person.. But then I decided to focus on what I can learn from it rather than thinking what I lost.

Death was one second away. It didn’t make sense to postpone things. I should have told the people I loved that I loved them NOW. I should have done the things that made me happy NOW.  I applied to the dancing course post on Facebook. I hugged my husband and kissed my cat. I chatted more with my colleagues. I researched the trainings/ workshops I wanted to attend and started the registrations. I made the steps to do things I had wanted to now. I will keep Scott’s legend alive in my heart and in living my life fully. He will always remember me to after my dreams.

With love,





  1. Gaby 18/11/2015 at 3:31 pm

    Dear Işıl,

    Thanks a lot for this honest and inspiring post. I only got to “know” Scott after his tragic death when I watched his TED talk online. But he inspired me so much with what he said that I was in tears within minutes. His energy was so strong that I couldn’t help myself and start changing my life (again). Knowing that life can be over so quickly made me think that every day I wait to do things, can be one day too much. So, I am on a journey, not like the one Scott took during his break, yet on a internal one that has changed a lot in my life already. On this journey, I have met you and reading your post now puts a lot of sense to all the things that have been happening to me lately.

    Let’s keep Scott’s legend alive by living our own legends! I am in!


    • Işıl 27/11/2015 at 11:54 am

      Hi Gaby,
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. You are the first commentator on my blog, that means so much to me. You mean so much to me. You and your journey is inspiring me! Thanks to Scott I got to meet you. Keep rocking!

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