What I most need to tell myself about 2016 is…

Dear me,
Relax. You will know automatically what you have to do when you are relaxed. You will have the courage and knowledge required.

Focus. While you do something, stay with it. You might be bored, you might die from boredom, your computer might be stuck, you might have to wait for something but stay! And keep away from that smartphone! Stay in the moment. Evaluate what it means to be bored. What happens in your body when you are bored, what do you think? Check your breath. What would happen if you stay without doing anything?

Bad, unfortunate things can happen. But everything will be better in the end. What happens now is for good. It will all make sense. Even if nothing comes out of it, it is an experience.

You are good. You are beautiful. Even without doing anything, you are. Remember that.

Be aware of the beauties around you. Appreciate them.

Thank people you love, call them.

Thank writers you like, whose writings you enjoy.

Write, write everyday. And share what you write.

Tell what you feel and think without fear. They are correct and good.

Take care of your mind, take breaks.

Take care of your body. Remember that you nurture your body while you eat like you would feed a baby. Would’t you give your baby the best, most nutritious food in the right measures? Remember to do it to yourself.

Focus. You cannot spin 10 balls on one finger. Select the most important ball and work on it.

Do one thing each day for your body, mind and your dream.



What do you most need to tell yourself about 2016 ?


Ps. This post is an answer to a #Quest2016 prompt.