About Işıl

English follows. Merhaba, Ben Işıl. Okumayı, yeni insanlarla tanşmayı, seyahat etmeyi, yeni şeyler denemeyi, dansetmeyi, şarkılar mırıldanmayı, podcast ve radyo dinlemeyi ve hayvanları çok seviyorum. İnsanın aklına koyduğu herşeye azim, programlama, disiplin, oğrenme ve sosyal çevre ile ulaşabileceğine inanıyorum. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello this is Işıl. I love reading, meeting new people, trying out new things, dancing, singing by myself, listening to podcasts and radio and animals. I believe we can achieve anything we want by determination, right programming, discipline, learning and right social surrounding.

I am terrified but what if I try


Sometimes somebody writes as if he speaks from my mind. I read this one article and it touched me.  I have always given importance to my feelings. I took action based on my feelings. But now

Being happy just by being


This week I had the happiest day of my life. I didn't receive any good news. I didn't win anything. I didn't get any gifts. Nothing special happened. But I had the happiest day of

Digital nomad life and its costs


At DNX Conference we listened to real digital nomads and learned about what digital nomad life feels like. Tijana Momirov was one of them. Before being a digital nomad, Tijana was working in Greece and going surfing in